Our Teams

Our teams compete primarily in the FIRST LEGO League Challenge competitions, and beginning fall 2024 in FIRST Tech Challenge as well. The FIRST competition season runs roughly August-February.

Our secondary competitions are the 4-H LEGO Robotics Challenge and Robotics Engineering Challenge. The 4-H competition season runs roughly April-August.

The age ranges for each of those competitions are:

FIRST LEGO League Challenge: 4th-8th grade

FIRST Tech Challenge: 7th-12th grade

4-H LEGO Robotics Challenge (LRC) and 4-H Robotics Engineering Challenge (REC): Although the official ages for all 4-H participation is 8-18 on January 1 of the competition year, because of the additional level of difficulty involved in building and programming the REC robots, we encourage our younger members to stay with LRC, and give the older members the option to do either. The 4-H competition is split into age groups, with each team competing in the age bracket of their oldest member.